Visionary Stewards

Making the Impossible Possible

Courtney, Director

Courtney is a dynamic and multifaceted professional who defies categorization. Her expertise spans entrepreneurship, social impact, and craft, allowing her to seamlessly navigate diverse worlds. As a consultant advising CEOs one day and leading community workshops on social activism the next, Courtney brings a unique value to our board. Her fluidity isn't just eclecticism; it's the wellspring of her creativity. You can view her portfolio here.

Bernadette, Chair


In the realm of cultural arts, Bernadette stands out as a non-traditional chairperson with a distinct leadership approach. Her background, encompassing activism, foster care, ministry, spiritual work, sales, and community organizing, has shaped her unconventional perspective. Rejecting rigid structures, Bernadette believes in a community-driven approach, challenging norms to create a more inclusive non-profit environment. She envisions a space where inclusivity reigns supreme, transcending exclusionary boundaries.

Tia Dyes, Treasurer


Tia Dyes is a dynamic professional bridging the worlds of finance and corporate sales training. With over 25 years of experience, Tia is a seasoned financial advisor and wealth management specialist, passionate about the transformative power of financial literacy. As our Treasurer, Tia brings a commitment to excellence and a keen understanding of the evolving financial landscape. In her role as a Sales Consultant, she is a results-driven Corporate Sales Coach and Strategic Sales Consultant known for transforming sales teams into high-performing units. Tia's dedication to empowering individuals and organizations aligns perfectly with our mission.