Sex, Sizzle & Safety

An inclusive workshop addressing various aspects of intimacy.


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Are you:

  • Feeling disconnected in your current relationship?

  • Wondering how to safely explore intimacy after loss or divorce?

  • Facing physical challenges that impact your sex life?

  • Interested in learning more about solo pleasure?

  • Just looking to add some sizzle back to your intimate life?

In a world where open conversations about intimacy are often hushed, our workshop, Sex, Sizzle & Safety: Navigating the Intimate Journey with Confidence aims to break the silence and create a safe haven for adults aged 45+.

Led by an ordained minister with over 30 years of experience in adult sexual health and wellness, this workshop is a gateway to explore healthy sexuality and informed decision-making.

  • Discover: Learn about common concerns and solutions, from medical options to intimacy aids and tools.

  • Connect: Share experiences and gain support in a welcoming, non-judgmental environment.

  • Empower: Make informed decisions about your sexual health and well-being.


This will be an inclusive workshop addressing various aspects of intimacy for adults/partners navigating challenges like erectile dysfunction, prostate issues, or seeking to spice up their love lives.

Whether you're single, in a long-term relationship, or widowed, this event fosters open conversations, reassuring you that you're not alone. Our experienced facilitator, will guide you through a journey of discovery, emphasizing resources, aides, and safe practices. Group discussions offer a communal space for shared experiences, but individual support is also available for those preferring a more private setting.

The Power of Community

Group Setting Benefits:

A group setting offers a supportive community where shared experiences dissolve isolation, providing comfort and understanding. Participants gain diverse perspectives, contributing to a comprehensive understanding of healthy intimacy.

1:1 Support:

For those preferring a more personalized approach, 1:1 support will be available to address individual concerns and provide tailored guidance.

Bernadette A., an ordained minister with over 30 years of experience in adult sexual health and wellness, combines their unique background with product expertise and peer support. She creates safe spaces for open discussions and empower individuals to live their most fulfilling sexual lives.

She is highly respected, not only for her knowledge but her level of compassion to guide individuals on this journey.


- Assembly On Washington, Dixie/Washington, New Smyrna Beach (full address provided at registration)


  • 21+ (must show ID upon arrival)

  • Pre-Registration